Exercise planner printables – 4 week butt lifting program

This workout is designed to focus on the muscles that lift and firm the butt. There are 20 different exercises, all of which use these muscles in a slightly different way. The idea is to work the muscles in as many different ways as possible, to get optimal muscle tone improvement. Included in this exercise planner printables set you have:

  • An instruction booklet: this gives detailed instructions on each exercise, with technique and safety notes. You should use this to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly.
  • Exercise schedules: The 20 exercises are split into 4 workouts of 5 exercises, to be done on different days of the week. The weekend workouts are slightly longer, with 3 sets of all the exercises, rather than 2. Over the 4 weeks, the number of repetitions of each exercise increases, so there is a sheet for each week.
  • Quick reference mini schedule and chart: a simplified version of the schedule, with the exercise pictures.
  • Tracker sheet: you can schedule your workouts and mark them off as done on this sheet
  • Sticker sheet: print off these stickers to remind you to do your workout. If you haven’t used printable stickers before, there’s a guide included.

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