Fitness planner ideas to help keep you motivated

These fitness planner ideas work well either as additions to your weekly/monthly planners, or to help you build your own fitness planner.

Health and fitness habit planning and tracking

Health & fitness planner set - fitness planner ideasUse these planners to set your goals, plan and schedule your activities, keep track, reflect and plan your diet.

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Habit tracker setThis set emphasises tracking rather than planning and includes exercise, steps, diet, sleep and water trackers.

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Fitness challenges

These fitness challenges all increase in difficulty slightly each day, so that over the course of the 30 days you will improve a significant amount.  Fitness challenges are good for motivation and organising yourself to exercise every day.  The challenges all come with workout instructions and a printable sticker sheet with a sticker for each day of the challenge.

fitness planner ideas - 100 squat challenge

Squat challenge – start with 10 squats and get to 100 squats in 30 days

plank challenge 2707Plank challenge – start with a 10 second plank and work up to 100 seconds in 30 days.

fitness planner ideas - wall sit challenge 2807

Wall sit challenge – start with a 10 second wall sit hold and work up to 100 seconds in 30 days.

Fitness programs

Complete workout programs with a specific goal.

fitness planner ideas - Exercise planner printables

A 4 week program to lift and firm your butt – 20 different exercises to work the muscles in as many ways as possible.

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CF Printable workout routine

6 week cardio program – cardio workouts are good for weight management and heart health.  You can do this routine in a small space at home and it gradually builds up cardio endurance over the 6 weeks.

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Core training course 0206

A 6 week core program – 10 exercises to work all the layers of abdominal muscle.  The workouts get a bit harder every week over the 6 weeks so that you gradually develop strength and tone in your core muscles.

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More Fitness Planner Ideas

Waist workoutThigh exercises challenge