Glutes workout at home – 6 routines to try

Last updated on May 6th, 2021 at 08:31 pm

Working your glutes isn’t just good for your body shape. Weak glutes lead to poor posture and pelvic alignment, lower back problems, poor abdominal tone and tight hamstrings. So there are lots of benefits to working your glutes, apart from improving how they look. You don’t need the gym or any equipment – you can get a good body weight glutes workout at home with these routines. All of them will train your glutes, but if you have weak glutes, try workouts 1, 2 and 3 first. These 3 routines isolate the glutes, while the other 3 workouts use all other muscles too.

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Workout 1 – short glute isolation routine

This is a quick (under 10 minutes) floor work routine with some of the best exercises for isolating the glutes.

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Glutes workout at home improve your glutes

Workout 2 – glute isolation workout

This one is similar to workout 1, but is a longer workout with more exercises. Again, the exercises isolate the 3 glute muscles.

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Workout 3 – butt challenge

This is a 30 day challenge, which uses some of the exercises in the above 2 workouts.

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Glute challenge

Workout 4 – 500 squats challenge

Another 30 day challenge. The squat isn’t a glutes isolation exercise, it works all the leg muscles. But it’s still good for glutes training. The number of squats increases each day of the challenge, to make up a total of 500 squats across the whole challenge.

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500 squat challenge chart

Workout 5 – pulse squats challenge

An alternative squats challenge. This one is a combination of ordinary squats and pulse squats – where you hold the squat position and pulse up and down. You’ll really feel your glutes working in the pulses.

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Workout 6 Strong legs challenge

This standing workout is a combination of some of the best glute exercises with 3 types of squats.

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