Monthly workout plan to help you organise your fitness

Get a new printable workout plan each month. Join the Monthly Workout Plan Facebook group here. A few days before the end of the month, the links will be posted to the monthly downloads for the following month. Throughout the month you can use the group to ask questions and give feedback, as well as getting some useful extra info. and tips.

monthly workout plan

Included in the monthly workout plan:

  • Interval walk and run/walk interval plans (you choose which you want to do)
  • Body weight home strength circuit
  • Home cardio circuit
  • 30 day fitness challenge
  • Schedule for the month

You’ll also get a file with exercise safety guidelines, a warm up routine and a stretch routine.  This file stays the same each month, so once you’ve downloaded it you won’t need to do so again.

Benefits of using the monthly workout plan:

January monthly workout plan

  • The workouts are short enough to be able to fit into a busy lifestyle.  All of them are under 30 minutes, including warm ups.
  • It comes with a ready made schedule.
  • New workouts each month stop you from getting bored and demotivated.
  • New workouts also keep your body working in different ways, for maximum exercise benefit.
  • The fitness challenge adds more variety and focuses on one particular aspect of fitness each month.
  • It’s completely free.

Join the Facebook group here

You can join at any time during the month, then towards the end of the month look out for the post with the links to the following month’s workout.