Printable core workout | 6 week program for beginners

To have flat, well conditioned abs you need to have strength in the core stabilising muscles. This 6 week printable core workout consists of 10 exercises which focus on these muscles. The workouts get a bit harder each week, so that your strength gradually increases. At the end of the program, you should have:

  • Increased strength in the core stabilising muscles
  • Improved posture
  • Improved flexibility in your spine, meaning less likelihood of back pain and injury
  • Increased awareness of the core stabilising muscles and their ability to control the position of the pelvis

The printable core workout set is supplied as  PDF files in both A4 and letter size. You will get:

  • An exercise booklet explaining how to do all the exercises. Please pay careful attention to all the technique points, as correct technique is important for good results and to avoid injury.
  • 2 exercise charts – one for weeks 1-3 and one for weeks 4-6. These give you the number of repetitions you should do of each exercise, or, in the case of the plank, how long you should hold it for.
  • A tracker/scheduler sheet Write down the days you plan to do your workout each week and then tick off when completed.

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