Printable stretching exercises – improve your hamstring flexibility

Hamstring tightness is very common and can cause problems with altered posture and movement patterns. This can lead to pain and injury. Tight hamstrings also impair sport and fitness performance. They can even restrict everyday movement. This printable stretching exercises set uses 8 different hamstring stretches to improve your flexibility. It’s in the form of a 30 day challenge, with 2 stretches for each day.

Like all fitness improvements, increases in flexibility happen gradually, as the muscles adapt to new activity.  It’s important not to force stretches, because this can result in injury.  It’s also important to keep stretching regularly if you want to maintain your flexibility.

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  • Printable stretching exercises

The workout plan includes an exercise booklet with full instructions for all the stretches and an exercise schedule.  There are also printable stickers so that you can print off sticker prompts for your planner or diary. If you have a cutting machine, then you can use the sticker blackout file for easy cutting. There are instructions for manual cutting too.

PDF Files included:

Challenge chart
Exercise instructions
Sticker sheets
Sticker instructions

PNG files included:

Sticker sheets
Sticker blackout file