Push up challenge for women

The push up is an excellent exercise to strengthen and firm your upper arms, shoulders and chest. It also works the core muscles, which have to strongly contract to stabilise the spine during the exercise. However, full push ups require a lot of strength to begin with and most women struggle to do them.  This 30 day push up challenge for women uses push up versions that are less strenuous, but that will still strengthen all the muscles used.

The challenge starts with wall push ups, the easiest version, then progresses through chair push ups to knee push ups. The printable set includes a workout schedule, instructions for the 3 types of press-ups and exercise stickers so that you can print off sticker prompts for your planner or diary. A blackout file is also included for easy tracing if you have a cut machine, plus instructions for manual cutting.

PDF files included:

Challenge chart
Exercise instructions
Sticker sheets
Sticker instructions

PNG files included:

Sticker sheets
Sticker blackout file

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  • Push up challenge for women