Waist challenge 5 minute daily workout

Shape your waist and flatten your abs! This 30 day fitness challenge is based on a set of standing abs exercises that work the muscles along the side of the body – the ones that shape the waist and help to pull the abdominal area in. The program follows the usual fitness challenge format – that is, it gets a bit harder each day. By day 30 you will be doing a total of 60 reps to each side. This sounds like a lot, but doesn’t seem so bad when you work up to it gradually. Unlike most abs workouts, the routine is done standing. Benefits of doing the waist challenge include:

  • Challenging the core stabilising muscles, which stabilise the pelvis, support the spine and pull the abdominal area flat
  • Improving spine flexibility, leading to reduced risk of back pain/injury
  • Strengthening the oblique abdominal muscles, which shape the waist

Doing the challenge should only take you a few minutes each day.  Obviously, as the reps increase the workout will take longer but even by day 30 it should only take about 5 minutes.

Included in the waist challenge

  • Waist workout 1

This printable set includes a workout chart with instructions and printable stickers so you can print off sticker prompts for your planner or diary. All the files are available in A4 size or letter size, so you can print whichever size you prefer. Instructions are provided for manual cutting and sticking. If you have a cutting machine, there are also PNG sticker and blackout files.

PDF files:
Challenge chart and instructions
Challenge sticker sheet
Sticker instructions

PNG files:
Waist challenge sticker sheet
Sticker blackout sheet

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