Floor leg exercises circuit

About this floor leg exercises circuit Time needed: 20 mins Muscles worked: this workout mainly works the thigh and glute (butt) muscles Workout level: beginner/intermediate Please read these general exercise guidelines before you do this Read More

30 minute full body home workout

This 30 minute at home workout includes a cardio fitness segment and strength/toning exercises for all the main muscle groups. It shouldn’t take you more than about 30 minutes, including a warm up. For best Read More

Hydrate stickers and water tracker

Adequate fluid intake is essential for our bodies to function properly. If our fluid intake is too low, we can experience various symptoms including headache, feeling light headed and dry lips. Drinking plenty of fluids Read More

Full body stretching exercises chart

Keep your whole body flexible with this full body stretching routine. Flexibility is an important component of fitness and you should always allow time for stretching in your schedule. If you can’t fit a stretch Read More

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