30 day walking challenge – increase your fitness every day

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You should find this 30 day walking challenge easy to fit in.  It starts of with a 5 minute walks and even the longest walks are only 12 minutes. The speed intervals help you gradually build up your walking speed.  There are 3 speeds in this program:

Normal walking pace
Normal walking pace

Moderate pace
Moderately fast – a bit quicker than normal walking.  You start to feel like you’re making an effort, but you’re not feeling out of breath.

Fast walking
Fast walking – this speed makes you feel a bit warmer and your breathing rate increases.  Holding a conversation is more difficult.

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30 day walking challenge schedule

Walking challenge chart

Days 1-6

This is straightforward walking at normal pace.  The walking time increases by one minute each day.

Days 8-13

Moderate walking pace intervals are introduced on day 8 and the time at this pace gradually increases.

Days 15-30

The second half of the challenge includes walking at all 3 speeds.  For the last few days, level 2 is dropped and the walks consist of a warm up and cool down of 1 minute, with a fast walk in between.

Your walking route

The distance covered increases each day. At average walking speeds for the 3 levels, the distance covered on day 1 would be around a quarter of a mile. It then increases over the course of the challenge to 0.7 mile on the last day. This means that if you wanted to map a round trip or an A to B route you would have to do a different one for each day.  It’s easier, therefore, to just walk for half the day’s time then turn around and walk back.

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Walking challenge | 30 day fitness challenge using interval walking to improve your endurance

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