30 day walking challenge – improve your fitness every day

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You should find this 30 day walking challenge easy to fit into your every day life.  It starts off with a 5 minute walk and even the longest walks are only 12 minutes. The speed intervals help you gradually build up your walking speed.  Walking at faster speeds brings about greater improvements to cardio health. It also burns more calories. There are 3 speeds in this program:


30 day walking challenge schedule

The chart is colour coded, using the different colours to represent the different speed levels.

30 day Walking challenge chart

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Days 1-6

This is straightforward walking at normal pace.  The walking time increases by one minute each day.

Days 8-13

On day 8 we introduce some moderate speed walking.  Over the next few days, the time at this speed gradually increases.

Days 15-30

The second half of the challenge includes walking at all 3 speeds.  For the last few days, level 2 is dropped and the walks consist of a warm up and cool down of 1 minute, with a fast walk in between.

Your walking route

The distance covered increases each day. At average walking speeds for the 3 levels, the distance you cover on day 1 would be around a quarter of a mile. However, it increases over the course of the challenge to 0.7 mile on the last day. This means that if you wanted to map a round trip or an A to B route you would have to do a different one for each day.  It will be easier, therefore, to just walk for half the day’s time then turn around and walk back.

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