Chest exercises for women | 30 day challenge for beginners

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There are lots of chest exercises you can do with weights and other resistance equipment, but the main body weight chest exercise is the push up. Although there isn’t any difference in what are appropriate chest exercises for women versus for men, men are generally stronger in their chest muscles and able to do full press ups. A full press up is quite hard for most women, so this challenge uses 3 modified versions.

Benefits of chest exercises for women

Do chest exercises lift and firm the bust? Yes and no. Breasts are fatty tissue supported by ligaments. The ligaments stretch and become less supportive over time. Being overweight and doing vigorous exercise without support can make this worse. Once the ligaments have stretched, exercise won’t shorten them. This is why you will often hear that exercise doesn’t help lift the bust. Training the chest muscles can still help to support and improve appearance, though. It can also help to prevent future sagging.

About this push up challenge

The challenge starts with wall push ups. These are suitable for beginners and will help you to learn the press up technique and start to build strength. Then it progresses to incline press-ups, which are a bit harder. You’ll need a chair for this to elevate your upper body. Make sure that you position the back of your chair against a wall so that it can’t slip. The third type of push up is on the floor. The weight is supported on the knees for these, but you need to be careful that it’s the top part of the knee in contact with the floor.

Please read these safety guidelines before starting the challenge.

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Arm circles to warm up

Before you do your push ups each day, warm up your arms, chest and shoulders with some arm circles. Stand with your feet about hip distance and then rotate your arms all the way round in front of your body. Do 3-5 in both inward and outward directions.

Arm circles

Push ups instructions

Wall push up

Incline push up

Knee push up

Challenge schedule

These are the reps of the various push ups for the 30 days of the challenge.

Press up challenge chart

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  • 7.7K