Lower ab exercises 30 day challenge

The 4 exercises in this challenge target the lower part of the “6 pack” muscles. Abdominal curl type exercises that involve lifting the upper body off the floor are good for working the upper and Read More

Toned shoulders challenge

Women are often more interested in abs and legs workouts, but training our upper bodies is important too. Apart from the fact that having upper body strength is useful in everyday life and often helps Read More

Butt and thigh workout challenge

Firm up the tops of your legs with this butt and thigh workout challenge. It starts off nice and gentle, with just 5 squats on day one.  As the challenge progresses, lunges and wall sit Read More

30 day core challenge for beginners

This 30 day core challenge for beginners uses the plank and mountain climber exercises to strengthen up your core stabilising muscles.  In both exercises, the core muscles have to work hard to maintain the position Read More

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