2 week ab challenge

About this 2 week ab challenge This is a short challenge to start building strength in your abs and get you used to working your abs daily. Intensity level: beginner/intermediate Benefits: will strengthen and tone Read More

21 day butt workout challenge

This 21 day butt workout challenge includes 5 exercises which all focus on the butt muscles. As the challenge progresses, both the number of reps and the number of sets increase as you build strength Read More

Jump squat challenge

About this jump squat challenge Intensity level: intermediate/advanced Benefits: improves leg strength and tone Safety: please read the general safety information here Warm up: there are 5 standard squats at the start of each day’s Read More

Legs tums and bums 30 day challenge

This legs, bums and tums 30 day challenge covers the 3 most popular areas to train for women. Thighs and bums tend to be a problem because that’s where women generally store fat. Even if Read More

New Year weight loss challenge

Kickstart your New Year fitness with this 30 day weight loss challenge. It’s a combination of walking, running and an indoor circuit to burn calories and tone up your legs. The intensity increases throughout the Read More

Push up challenge for beginners

Push ups are a multi-tasking exercise that work the chest, shoulders and upper arms as well as the core muscles. They also need no equipment and can be done pretty much anywhere. So they’re a Read More

Glute bridge challenge

The glute bridge focuses on the main gluteal muscle, the gluteus maximus, as well as working the hamstrings and core muscles. This glute bridge challenge includes the basic glute bridge plus two variations, which will Read More

90 day bikini body workout plan

If your problem areas need a bit of toning up to help you feel more confident on the beach, then try this 90 day bikini body workout plan. It’s a 90 day challenge that works Read More

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