Daily butt workout – a quick routine for your glutes

If you want to focus on butt firming and lifting, then this daily butt workout is what you need. You’ll be doing over 1,000 reps of glute targeted exercises every week. There are 4 exercises, which between them work the 3 main butt muscles (the glutes). The workout takes about 10 minutes, so should be easy to fit into your daily routine.

Notes on the workout

Before you do this workout, please read these safety guidelines.

You’ll be more comfortable doing this exercise on a cushioned surface, ideally an exercise mat. See an exercise mat buying guide here.

Daily butt workout routine

See below for the exercise instructions

Daily butt workout chart 2

Exercise instructions

Side lying leg raise

Side lying leg circles

Daily butt workout - Fire hydrant

Daily butt workout - Donkey kick

Working the butt muscles isn’t just about being firm and toned

The gluteus maximus, located at the back of the buttocks is responsible for extending the hips, rotating them externally, and stabilizing the pelvis. The gluteus medius and gluteus minimus, smaller muscles located on the sides of the buttocks, assist in these functions and contribute to hip abduction and stabilization. When these muscles become weak, they can lead to various problems.

Pain and Dysfunction

Weak glutes can contribute to musculoskeletal issues including:

Lower back pain: The glutes play a vital role in stabilizing the lower back. When they are weak, other muscles, such as the lower back muscles, have to compensate, leading to strain and pain.

Hip pain: Weak glutes can alter your gait and hip mechanics, increasing the risk of hip pain and impingement.

Knee pain: Improper hip mechanics due to weak glutes can also put undue stress on the knees, leading to pain and potential injuries.

Iliotibial band (IT) band syndrome: Weak glutes can contribute to IT band tightness and pain, which can cause discomfort and limit mobility.

Weak glutes can also affect athletic performance in various ways:

Diminished power: Glutes are essential for generating power during explosive movements like sprinting, jumping, and changing directions. Weak glutes can limit your power output, affecting your performance in sports and fitness activities.

Decreased stability: Weak glutes can compromise your stability during exercises and activities, making you more prone to falls and injuries.

Reduced endurance: Glutes play a significant role in maintaining proper posture and form during exercise. Weak glutes can lead to poor posture and fatigue, affecting your endurance.

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