Glute workout routine you can easily do at home

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All you need for this glute workout routine is something comfortable to lie on.  If you don’t have a mat, then you can use a folded blanket or quilt.  For best results, do the workout 3 times per week and make sure you follow the instructions below for exercise technique.

glute workout routine

Glute workout routine – exercise instructions

Glute workout routine printable

Side lying leg raise

  • Lay on your side with your head supported on your arm and your other arm in front to help steady your body.
  • Bend your underneath leg a little to give you a comfortable base of support.
  • Making sure you don’t allow your body to lean backwards, lift and lower your leg. Keep your foot flexed and pointed slightly towards the floor.

Side lying leg circles

  • Start off as for side lying leg raises.
  • Raise your leg and then hold it in the raised position and circle from your hips in a clockwise direction.
  • Complete the given number of reps and then reverse the direction.

Fire hydrants

  • Start in an all-fours kneeling position.
  • Keeping your back in place and your knee bent to 90 degrees, lift one leg out to to side.
  • Lift as high as you can without rotating your spine, then lower and repeat.

Donkey kicks

  • Get into an all-4s kneeling position.
  • Making sure you keep your back held straight and your knee flexed at 90 degrees, lift one leg up towards the ceiling.
  • Stop when your thigh is parallel to the floor.
  • Lower and repeat

Before you do this workout, please read these safety guidelines.

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