Glute bridge challenge

The glute bridge focuses on the main gluteal muscle, the gluteus maximus, as well as working the hamstrings and core muscles. This glute bridge challenge includes the basic glute bridge plus two variations, which will Read More

Glutes circuit workout to improve your butt

This targeted glutes circuit workout consists of 8 exercises which will work the whole glute muscle group. Apart from lifting and toning your butt, advantages of glutes training include: Improving your posture Helping to protect Read More

Glute exercises challenge

The glutes are made up of 3 muscles whose jobs are mainly to take the leg behind the body and out to the side.  There are all sorts of ways of working them – standing, Read More

Thigh and glute workout challenge

Firm up the tops of your legs with this thigh and glute workout challenge. It starts off nice and gentle, with just 5 squats on day one.  As the challenge progresses, lunges and wall sit Read More