Treadmill walking workout to lose weight

Although it’s good to walk outdoors, treadmill walking has several advantages for a weight loss program (see below). If you’re you’re thinking about doing a treadmill walking workout to lose weight, you should be looking Read More

Push up challenge for beginners

Push ups are a multi-tasking exercise that work the chest, shoulders and upper arms as well as the core muscles. They also need no equipment and can be done pretty much anywhere. So they’re a Read More

Exercise ball routine for beginners

An exercise ball (also called a stability ball, gym ball or Swiss ball) is one of the best pieces of equipment for core training. Even just sitting on an exercise ball has a training effect Read More

Lower ab exercises for beginners

A lot of ab exercises put more emphasis on the middle and upper abs, meaning that the lower abs don’t always get worked. Exercises which involve lifting the legs and/or bringing them towards the body Read More

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