How to lose weight by walking

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Walking is often overlooked as a way of exercising, because it’s something we all do every day.  But if you don’t have a lot of time for exercise, or don’t enjoy fitness activities, then walking can be an ideal solution.  You can get most of the benefits of exercise from a walking program, including maintaining a healthy weight.  Although it’s possible to lose weight by walking regularly, for best results walking should be combined with a healthy diet.

How the program works

The program is a 6 week walking schedule with intervals at 3 different walking speeds. There are 15 minute walks Tuesday to Friday and 30 minute walks Saturday and Sunday.  Each week a greater part of the walks are at the faster walking speeds, so that they become more challenging.

Planning your route

The easiest way to walk for the right amount of time is to walk for roughly half the time and then go back.  But if you want to end up at a different location, then it’s useful to use a route planner.  There are several available online, alternatively you can use an app.

In order to plan your route, you need to know what distance you want to cover. As you can see below, there are 3 levels of walking speed for this program. Walking speeds will vary from person to person, so the distances given here are only approximate.  They’re based on these average walking speeds:

A moderate walking pace is 3mph for most people, this is what we’ll take as the level 1 speed.

3.75 mph is a brisk pace – this will be the level 2 speed

4.5 is fairly fast – this will be the level 3 speed

At these speeds you would cover:

  • about 0.75 miles in the 15 minute walks and 1.6 miles in the 30 minute walks for weeks 1-3.
  • about 0.85 miles for the 15 minute walks and 2 miles for the 30 minute walks

How to lose weight by walking – the weekly schedules

schedule 1

schedule 2

schedule 3

How to lose weight by walking schedule 4

How to lose weight by walking schedule 5

How to lose weight walking schedule 6

How to lose weight by walking – full program with trackers & stickers

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