Walk to run challenge – an easy start to running

Get started running with this 30 day walk to run challenge. It eases you in gently, starting with just walking in the first week and leading up to 10 minutes of running on day 30. All through, you get some walk only days and rest days to give your body a chance to recover and adapt.

walk to run challenge

What you will need for the walk to run challenge

You’ll need suitable footwear. Because running is a high impact exercise, it’s best to wear training shoes that will absorb some of the impact. You also need to wear comfortable clothes that you won’t overheat in. It’s important to stay hydrated when you’re running, so make sure you take a bottle of water. Finally, you need to be able to time your intervals – either with a watch or phone app.

Please read these general exercise guidelines before you do the challenge.

Planning a route

As the times spent walking, fast walking and running change each day, route planning is a bit tricky because the distance you will cover changes each day. To keep it simple:

  • Plan a route for the final day. This is the furthest you will cover. At average walking and running speeds you should cover around 1.25 miles.
  • For all the other days, follow this route for 7.5 minutes, then turn around and go back.

The challenge schedule

There are 3 different levels on the schedule:

  • “Walk” means walking at your normal walking pace.
  • “Fast walk” means walking fast enough to feel warm and slightly out of breath
  • “Run” means run at whatever speed you can manage

Here are the intervals at each level:

Walk to run challenge chart

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