30 day leg challenge

This 30 day leg challenge works all the main thigh and butt muscles, with a bit of work for the lower legs as well. There are 5 exercises, which are split into two sets that Read More

Glute exercises challenge

The glutes are made up of 3 muscles whose jobs are mainly to take the leg behind the body and out to the side.  There are all sorts of ways of working them – standing, Read More

Toned shoulders challenge

Women are often more interested in abs and legs workouts, but training our upper bodies is important too. Apart from the fact that having upper body strength is useful in everyday life and often helps Read More

Exercise ball routine for beginners

An exercise ball (also called a stability ball, gym ball or Swiss ball) is one of the best pieces of equipment for core training. Even just sitting on an exercise ball has a training effect Read More

Thigh and glute workout challenge

Firm up the tops of your legs with this thigh and glute workout challenge. It starts off nice and gentle, with just 5 squats on day one.  As the challenge progresses, lunges and wall sit Read More

30 day abs and arms challenge

This 30 day abs and arms challenge uses 4 exercises that work abs and arms at the same time.  It’s a split challenge, with the 2 plank exercises alternating with push ups and mountain climbers. Read More

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