Glutes circuit workout to improve your butt

This targeted glutes circuit workout consists of 8 exercises which will work the whole glute muscle group. Apart from lifting and toning your butt, advantages of glutes training include: Improving your posture Helping to protect Read More

Printable workout stickers for your planner

Get organised and motivated with these free printable workout stickers for your planner. According to research studies, exercise prompts and reminders increase motivation and exercise participation. When we record our intention to do something rather Read More

Low impact cardio exercises circuit

Home cardio circuits don’t have to be high impact. If you find high impact hard on your joints, or uncomfortable then try this circuit which uses some of the lowest impact cardio exercises. You can Read More

Health habits trackers – 7 PDF set

Get into healthier lifestyle habits with this habit tracker PDF set.  Keep yourself focused and accountable by recording all you daily habits and aiming to improve week on week.  The set includes 7 printables, to Read More

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