Building core strength – 10 workouts to choose from

There are a range of benefits in building core strength, including:

  • Improved posture
  • Flat abs
  • Reduced likelihood of low back pain and injury
  • Better sport and fitness performance
  • Reduced hamstring and hip flexor tightness
  • Improved balance and movement control

Fore core training to be effective, it has to be done properly. Core exercises done with bad technique don’t challenge the right muscles and, even worse, can cause back strain. All the workouts below have full exercise instructions, which you should make sure you follow carefully for safety and effectiveness.

Building core strength - 10 best workouts

10 best workouts for building core strength

#1 Core exercises for beginners

building core strength - core exercises for beginners

The best place to start building core strength. This workout starts with the basic principle of maintaining neutral pelvis and covers some beginner exercises.

#2 Best core exercises

best core exercises

Do this workout as follow on for #1, or if you’ve already done some core exercise.

#3 Waist toning challenge

Building core strength - Waist workout challenge

A 30 day challenge which focuses on the oblique muscles, the middle two layers of the abdominal wall. It’s standing workout with handweights.

#4 Mat Pilates

Pilates exercises for beginners PDF chart

An introduction to Pilates , which is an exercise system that has a strong focus on pelvic alignment and core stability.

#5 Basic Pilates 4 week course

Basic Pilates

This program goes a bit further that #4. The program lasts 4 weeks, building on core strength each week.

#6 Plank sticker challenge

Building core strength - Plank challenge 30 day printable

The plank is a very popular exercise, but has its limitations – as explained in the post. The 30 day challenge printable is in the form of a sticker for each day, but you can also use it as an ordinary full sheet printable.

#7 Elbow plank challenge


An alternative plank challenge to #6, using 2 variations of the standard plank.

#8 Stability ball challenge

Stability ball challenge 2109

Stability balls are very effective for building core strength. As well as the challenge, the post includes a stability ball buying guide.

#9 Ab exercises circuit

Abs workout PDF with schedule

This circuit includes exercises for all the layers of the abdominal wall.

#10 Pilates roll up

how to do the pilates roll up

A step by step guide to mastering the classic Pilates roll up. The roll is very effective when done properly. However, there are several factors involved in being able to do it effectively. The post addresses each one individually and then puts them all together.

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