Hand weights buying guide

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Upper body exercises like the lateral raise and shoulder press are much more effective with hand weights. Here are a few points to consider if you’re buying hand weights for your workouts:

  • Buying a small set of weights usually works out cheaper than buying the weights individually and it’s good to have the heavier weights ready to move up to as you get stronger. You may also find that you can use heavier weights for some exercises than you can for others.
  • Neoprene coated weights are more comfortable to grip than vinyl coated.
  • Adjustable weights may be a good option if you’re short of storage space, but on the other hand it’s a nuisance to have to adjust them during your workout if you don’t want to use the same weight for all your exercises.
  • 2-3lb is a good weight to start with. Once you have got used to using the weights with good technique, you can start to use heavier weights.

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