Pilates circle buying guide

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A Pilates ring/circle is a very simple design. It’s just a ring of covered flexible metal, with hand grips either side. The purpose Pilates designed it for was to help improve the “connection” between the core and other parts of the body. However, it can also be used to increase the challenge of some Pilates exercises, or as a prop for other (non-Pilates) exercises.


Most Pilates rings are 14”, which is fine for most people. 12” rings are also available and may be more suitable for someone who has a petite build.


Most Pilates rings have plastic handles, which may be padded or unpadded. Alternatively, the ring can come with foam padded grips. The foam can be more comfortable and easier to grip, however it is more difficult to clean and not as hardwearing.

Other accessories

Many Pilates rings come with other accesories, Pilates balls or exercise bands for example. These aren’t essential, you can use a Pilates ring without any other accessories. They often aren’t even an especially good deal compared to buying the other equipment separately. So make sure you’re only buying equipment that you really want.

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