30 day core challenge for beginners

This 30 day core challenge for beginners uses the plank and mountain climber exercises to strengthen up your core stabilising muscles.  In both exercises, the core muscles have to work hard to maintain the position of the body.  With the plank, you just need to hold your body in a straight line.  With mountain climbers, the core muscles keep the body stable as the legs come in and out.  You’ll also be strengthening your arms and shoulders.

30 day core challenge for beginners

You can download a printable copy of the workout chart at the end of the post.  Please read these safety guidelines before you do the workout.  Also please note that these exercises involve holding muscles in a static contraction, which can cause an increase in blood pressure.  The workout is therefore not advisable for anyone who suffers from high blood pressure.

If you’re a complete beginner to abs workouts, you might like to try Core Exercises for Beginners first.

30 day core challenge for beginners – the exercises


30 day core challenge - plank

  • Kneel on the floor
  • Lean forwards and put your hands on the floor, making sure your shoulders are directly above your elbows
  • Straighten one leg out behind you, with the toes on the floor
  • Engage your core strongly and extend the other leg behind
  • Your body should be making a straight line – if possible check in a mirror or ask someone else to check
  • Now hold this position for the given time
  • Then lower the knees to the floor and rest

Mountain climbers

30 day core challenge - mountain climbers

  • The starting position is similar to the plank above, but this time instead of straightening your body right out, leave your back slightly curved
  • Now bring one knee at a time in towards your arms
  • Do the given number of reps on each leg – so for example on day 1 you’ll do 10 reps in total.

Workout chart

The exercises alternate, so it’s plank one day, mountain climbers the next.  Follow the reps/hold time on the chart.

30 day core challenge for beginners

Download a printable of the challenge chart

30 day core challenge exercise chart

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