10 best tips for flat abs

To have flat abs, you need to do more than abs workouts. Your abdominal tone depends on having good posture and correct pelvic alignment. Although doing core workouts help with this, there are a lot Read More

Lower core exercises 30 day challenge

The 4 exercises in this challenge target the lower part of the “6 pack” muscles. Abdominal curl type exercises that involve lifting the upper body off the floor are good for working the upper and Read More

Exercise ball routine for beginners

An exercise ball (also called a stability ball, gym ball or Swiss ball) is one of the best pieces of equipment for core training. Even just sitting on an exercise ball has a training effect Read More

30 day abs and arms challenge

This 30 day abs and arms challenge uses 4 exercises that work abs and arms at the same time.  It’s a split challenge, with the 2 plank exercises alternating with push ups and mountain climbers. Read More

Lower ab exercises for beginners

A lot of ab exercises put more emphasis on the middle and upper abs, meaning that the lower abs don’t always get worked. Exercises which involve lifting the legs and/or bringing them towards the body Read More

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