Kettlebell buying guide

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Types of kettlebell

There are 3 main types of kettlebell available – vinyl, plain cast iron and coated cast iron. Vinyl kettlebells are cheaper but cast iron ones are better to grip. Coated cast iron gives some cushioning, so they are less likely to damage flooring etc. than plain cast iron. Adjustable kettlebells might seem like a good idea to save money and storage space, however they are not ideal. They’re usually not as comfortable to handle as ordinary kettlebells and if your workout involves using different weights, you have to stop and adjust them.

Handle size

The most important thing for comfort is that the handle is wide enough for both your hands to grip. You would think this is an obvious design feature, but it’s surprising how many have handles which are too small to be comfortable.


Start with small weights – only move up to bigger weights when you are confident you are working with good technique. You should be able to maintain core abdominal engagement throughout the movements. Only progress your weight if you’re able to keep your core engaged when using the heavier weight. 5lb is a good weight to start with.

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