90 day bikini body workout plan

If your problem areas need a bit of toning up to help you feel more confident on the beach, then try this 90 day bikini body workout plan. It’s a 90 day challenge that works on your thighs, butt and abs, with the exercises alternating in a 3 day pattern, so you focus specifically on one area each day.

Bikini body workout plan 90 days

90 day bikini body workout plan

General exercise guidelines

Please read these safety notes before you start the challenge.

You’ll need some form of cushioning for the floor work – ideally an exercise mat. See an exercise mat buying guide here.

The schedule

The schedule gives you the exercises you should do each day with the number of reps for each exercise. Instructions for the exercises are below the schedule.

Bikini body workout plan challenge chart

Exercise instructions


Side squat

Squat and side raise

Basic crunch

Reverse crunch

Bicycle crunch

Donkey kick

Fire hydrant

Hips and buttocks – problem areas for women

Hips and buttocks are often problem areas for women when it comes to losing weight. Women typically have a higher percentage of body fat compared to men, and their bodies are predisposed to storing fat in the hips, thighs, and buttocks. This is attributed to the role of estrogen, the primary female sex hormone, which regulates fat deposition and promotes the storage of fat in these areas. From an evolutionary perspective, this fat storage pattern served as a survival mechanism during times of famine or pregnancy, providing women with the necessary energy reserves for nurturing offspring and ensuring reproductive success.

This is unfortunately not something that can be changed, so the only way to stop excess fat being stored in these areas is not to have excess fat! To achieve slim, toned thighs requires long term healthy diet and exercise.

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