Daily walk schedule – how to benefit more from your walking

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Although just making an effort to walk more will benefit your health in many ways, having a daily walk schedule will help you to be more organised and focused with your walking.  This daily walk program consists of 4 weekly walks, which use alternating intervals at two different speeds.  Each week the number of steps at the faster speed increases and the number of steps at the slower speed decreases.  As a result, your fitness will be improving  each week without you having to spend more time walking.  The walks should take around 20 minutes and ideally you should aim to walk 5-7 days per week.

What you need for your walks

  • Flat, comfortable shoes
  • Clothes that you will be comfortable walking in – ideally in layers so that you can remove some clothing if you get too hot.
  • Water or other suitable drink.
  • A watch or app to count minutes accurately

The 4 week daily walk plan

The walks are split up into 5 intervals, which alternate between walking at level 1 and level 2:

Level 1: this is normal walking pace.  For the average person, this would be about 3mph.

Level 2: a little faster.  At this speed, you start to feel warm and become more aware of your breathing.  This would be around 3.5mph.

After a warm up at level 1 for the given number of steps, you speed up and do your level 2 steps.  Then you have a recovery interval at level 1, before speeding up again for the 4th interval.  The last interval is a cool-down at level 1.

Daily walk plan week1

The program starts of with a simple 4 minutess to each interval:

Daily walk plan week2

This week, you lose 2 of the minutes walking at level 1 and gain 2 minutes walking at level 2.

Daily walk plan week3

The same as in week 2 happens in week 3: there are 2 more minutes at level 2 and 2 minutes less at level 1.

Daily walk plan week 4

For the final week, all level 1 intervals are 2 minutes and the level 2 intervals are 7 minutes.

So by week 4, you should be doing about 150 steps daily, in around the same time as the week 1 walks. You can continue to progress by gradually making your walking speeds faster, making your walks longer or doing some other types of exercise too.  See workouts or challenges for more ideas.

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