Fitness goal planner – 8 free worksheets

Setting health and fitness goals gives you direction and allows you to measure your progress.  However, if you’re just starting out on a health program, you don’t need to be too rigid with your goal setting.  It will take time to settle into new healthier habits and to understand better what goals are realistic and achievable.  So start with some broad health and fitness goals and outline plans of how to achieve them.  You’ll be able to refine your goals as you look back and reflect on what you’ve achieved.  The fitness goal planner worksheets will help you to do this.

Start with your overall fitness goals

Your goals may change as you progress.  Some people start running to lose a bit of weight and end up running marathons! But a good starting point is to have some goals that are reasonably achievable in the short term.  Once you have some outline goals,  break them down into smaller, more manageable goals.  For example, your overall goals might be to lose 20lb and be able to run 5 miles.  But your initial weekly goal doesn’t even necessarily need to be to lose weight or run at all.  It could be to eat more vegetables and go for a 10 minute walk each day.

How to use the fitness goal planner

Worksheets 1-6

Fitness goal planner 2Fitness goal planner 3

These are for general planning:

  • Reasons you want to start a health program
  • What weight you would like to be
  • What changes you want to make to your diet
  • How you’re going to increase your activity levels
  • When you’re going to have relaxation time
  • How you’ll stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals

Worksheets 7-8

Fitness goal planner

These  are for breaking your goals down into weekly action plans.  From week 2 onwards, review how the previous week went to help you plan the week to come.  Consider whether:

  • Your plans were realistic – did you achieve what you planned?
  • Could you have done more?  If you achieved your plan easily, try to challenge yourself a bit more.
  • Could you have planned better? If you didn’t achieve what you planned, how can you improve this?  Are you trying to exercise at an unrealistic time of day?  Are you trying to make too many diet changes at once?

Use your reflection to adjust your plans each week until you are regularly achieving your health and fitness goals and progressing each week.

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