Standing oblique exercises challenge to shape your waist

Strengthen up your core muscles and shape your waist with this 30 day standing oblique exercises challenge. The 3 exercises focus on the muscles which pull the abdominal area in flat and support the spine. Unlike most abs workouts, the routine is done standing. Benefits of doing standing oblique exercises include:

  • Challenging the core stabilising muscles, which stabilise the pelvis, support the spine and pull the abdominal area flat
  • Strengthening and toning the oblique muscles which shape the waist
  • Improving spine flexibility, leading to reduced risk of back pain/injury

How to do the standing oblique exercises challenge

Standing oblique exercises PDF

The exercise instructions are below and the chart at the end of the page gives you the number of reps for each day. Whatever number is given, this is the number of repetitions to each side. So, for example on day 1 you should rotate to one side 5 times, then rotate to the other side 5 times. For best results, use some resistance. A 5 or 10lb (3 or 5kg) kettlebell is ideal. Grip your weight in both hands for the twists and wood chop. For the side crunches, hold the weight in the hand that reaches down.

Safety notes

  • Focus on keeping the movement in your upper body. Your pelvis should stay stable – your core stabilising muscles will need to engage in order to achieve this.
  • Make sure all movements are smooth and controlled, don’t try to rush through the routine. In particular, ease gently into the first couple of reps of each exercise, to allow your joints and muscles to adjust.
  • Please also read these general guidelines.

Exercise instructions

#1 oblique twists

Standing oblique exercises TORSO TWIST

  • Stand with your feet about hip distance apart and lift your arms up in front of you. Clasp your hands together, with your arms slightly bent.
  • Keeping your arms at shoulder height and your hips facing forwards, rotate your arms and upper body to the right.
  • Repeat for the given number of reps, then repeat to the left.

#2 side bend


  • Stand with feet hip distance apart, then reach your right hand down towards your right foot.
  • Make sure you don’t lean your body forwards or backwards, try to imagine you are in a narrow gap between 2 walls.
  • Repeat for the given number of reps, then repeat to the left.

#3 wood chop

Standing oblique exercises - woodchop

  • Stand with your feet a bit wider than hip distance.
  • Keep your hips facing forwards as you bend your knees and rotate your upper body towards the right. Reach your arms down towards your right knee.
  • Then straighten up and swing your arms across your body to reach high to the left. Your right heel should lift as you reach to the left.
  • Do the given number of reps, then repeat to the other side.

Daily reps chart

Standing oblique exercises chart

Get the standing oblique exercises PDF

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