30 day leg challenge to improve your thighs and butt

No equipment needed for this quick and easy thigh exercises workout and you don’t even need to get down on the floor. All you need is a wall for support. The 30 day leg challenge focuses on the problem areas at the top of the legs. Women naturally store fat on the thighs and butt, so these areas tend to look flabby.  The idea that exercise will burn fat from specific areas (spot reducing) is almost universally scorned and declared a “myth”, despite there being very little research on the subject.  However, even if we accept that we can’t target the area specifically to burn fat, we can still target the muscles.  Improved muscle tone with lift, firm and shape these problem areas. The exercises in this challenge target all the main muscle groups at the top of the legs.

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The printable set includes a workout schedule with instructions and stickers for you to print off and use in your planner or diary. Instructions are included for manual cutting and sticking.  There is also a PNG version of the sticker sheet, together with a blackout sheet, for use with cutting machines.

The exercises

Leg lift behind: focuses on the glute max – the main butt muscle.  It also works the hamstrings at the top of the legs

Side leg raise: this one is for the two smaller glute muscles (medius and minimus)

Wall sit: works all the leg muscles, but the front of the thighs (the quads) work especially hard

30 day leg challenge – list of files included

PDF files
Challenge chart
Exercise instructions
Sticker instructions
Sticker file

PNG files
Sticker file
Sticker blackout file

Not currently available.  Try this challenge instead:

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