Low impact cardio exercises circuit

Home cardio circuits don’t have to be high impact. If you find high impact hard on your joints, or uncomfortable then try this circuit which uses some of the lowest impact cardio exercises. You can still work hard, burn calories and improve your heart health while being gentle on your body. Doing it to music will help you stick to a regular rhythm and get more out of the workout – try using music that’s around 130bpm. You can find free playlists on YouTube, like this one for example:

Warm up, stretching and safety information

You don’t need to do a warm up for this workout, it’s low impact and uses everyday movements.  If you have time to stretch after the workout when your muscles are warm, this will help to keep your muscles supple.  Read more about stretching here.  Although the workout is low risk, please check these exercise safety guidelines before starting.

Lowest impact cardio exercises – instructions

Lowest impact cardio exercises circuit PDF

Do each of these moves for one minute each to complete one circuit.  Complete 4 circuits in all for a 20 minute workout.

#1 march in place

Lowest impact cardio exercises circuit MARCH IN PLACE

Make sure you maintain good posture.  Lift your knees up high to get the most out of the workout.

#2 side steps

Lowest impact cardio exercises circuit SIDE STEPS

Starting with feet together, take 2 wide steps to the side and then back again.

#3 walk forward & back


Take 4 steps forwards and then 4 steps backwards.

Make sure you’re lifting your knees and pumping your arms, to keep your heart rate up.

#4 march in and out


Marching on the spot again, but this time taking the legs out wide and then in again. Bend your knees as you take your legs wide, so that you feel your thighs and glutes working.

#5 travel in a square

Lowest impact cardio exercises circuit SQUARE

A little pattern to finish.

Take 2 steps to the right, 4 forwards, 2 to the left and 4 backwards.

Repeat this for 30 seconds, then swap over and repeat in the other direction (2 steps left, 4 forwards, 2 right, 4 backwards).

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