Quick and easy squat workout

Squats are one of the best exercises to work the leg muscles. By adding some variations, you can increase their effectiveness by working the muscles in slightly different ways. This 3 exercise workout should only take you about 15 minutes including warm up and stretch (see below). For best results, do the workout 2-3 times a week. You can download a printable exercise chart at the end of the post.

Squat workout – the 6 variations

Basic squat

The basic squat works all the leg muscles.

Printable exercise chart squat 1

Jump squats

High intensity jump squats get your heart rate up to bring in a cardio training effect, as well as working all your leg muscles.

Squat workout 2

Heel raise squats

This one works the calves more and challenges balance, which also makes the core muscles work. You may need to use a chair for support at first, but you should work towards being able to balance on your own. It’s a small movement, but quite challenging.
Printable exercise chart squat 3

Before you do the squat workout

Muscles and joints should be warm before exercise. If your muscles are already warm from, for example, walking or household chores, then you can go straight into the basic squats. If you’ve been inactive before your workout, do this short warm up:

Warm up

Please also see these general exercise guidelines.

The workout

There are 3 sets of the 3 exercises – the number of reps decreases with each set, to allow for your muscles tiring.  The full workout is as follows, and you can download a printable version below.

Printable exercise chart

Download the printable exercise chart

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