Strong legs workout challenge – 5 of the best exercises

This challenge works all the main thigh and butt muscles, with a bit of work for the lower legs as well. There are 5 exercises, which are split into two sets that alternate each day.  The instructions, technique points and challenge chart are here in the post and you can download a printable copy of the chart at the end.

strong legs challenge

Before you start

Please read these exercise safety guidelines.

You should do a short warm up each day before doing the challenge. Warm ups prepare muscles and joints for exercise by increasing blood supply to the muscles and lubricating the joints. Do 10 “halfway squats” before you start each day. This means that instead of squatting down until your thighs are parallel with the floor as described below, you should go halfway to this position and then come up again.

Strong legs workout challenge – the exercises

Note – apart from the squats, all these exercises need to be done on the right and left. The number of reps for the exercises on the chart are for each leg. So, for example, on day 1 you do 10 reps on each leg and on day 2 you do 5 squats to each side and 5 leg raises on each leg.

Set 1 exercises

Side leg lift

  • Stand sideways to the wall and put your left hand on it for support.
  • Make sure you are standing straight (not bending forward), with your butt pulled under your body.
  • Lift your right leg out to the side
  • Take your leg as high as you can without leaning towards the wall. Lower and repeat for the given number of reps.
  • Then turn around and put your right hand on the wall and repeat with your left leg.

  • Have both hands on the wall for support.
  • Take your right leg out behind you, and flex your foot, so that only your toes are touching the floor.
  • Lift your leg as high as you can without arching your back.
  • Lower your leg back down, until your toes touch the floor behind you. Repeat for the given number of reps and then change to your left leg.

Set 2 exercises – squats & variations

Strong legs challenge squat

  • Have your feet a little more than hip distance apart, parallel or slightly turned out.
  • Bend at your knees and hips as you lower into squat position. Aim to get your thighs parallel with the floor.
  • Come back up gently, making sure you don’t jerk your knees backwards. Repeat for the given number of reps.


Strong legs challenge squat & side leg

  • Stand with feet hip distance apart, as for a regular squat.
  • Go down into a squat, then as you come up out of the squat, lift your right leg out to the side.
  • Lower your leg, then squat down and repeat, taking your left leg to the side. Keep alternating right and left until you have completed all the reps.
  • Arms: as you come into the squat, cross your arms in front of your body, then take them out to the side as you lift your leg out to the side – this pattern helps with balance and coordination.

Strong legs challenge side squat

  • Stand with your feet together.
  • Take your right leg out to the side as you lower into a wide squat position.
  • Bring your right leg back to its starting position.
  • Repeat to the left and keep alternating right and left until you have completed the given number of reps on each side.
  • Arms: again, for balance and coordination, it may help to raise your arms to the side as you squat.

The challenge schedule

Strong legs challenge

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